Operation Red Dawn: Part 1


G’day RPF, recently the proposal made by Cas to promote me to leader occured, and as a leader that understands the faults of RPF, I wish to take immediate action, so in contrast with this, Operation Red Dawn is created, this basically is a Chain of Events that take place every week, and next week will be the start of this.

The reason why i am doing this is because RPF is slowly dying, and the only way to counteract this is by enforcing some rules, such as not commenting on an active count will result in a Demotion, You, the Citizens of RPF are the only ones who can save RPF from a sad fatality,I hope you accept this new Leadership and change ranks.

Mass Recruiting

When: Friday, June 1st

Where: Tundra, [All-Around]


2:45 PM EST

1:45 PM CST

12:45 PM MST

11:45 PM PST

7:45 PM UK



War with all FBI newbies on Top 4 Servers!

When: Saturday, June 2nd

Where: Slushy, [5 Major Rooms]


3:00 PM EST

2:00 PM CST

13:00 PM MST

12:00 PM PST

8:00 PM UK



Chat Raid Recruitment

When: Saturday, June 2nd

Where: All major CP chats


2:45 PM EST

1:45 PM CST

12:45 PM MST

11:45 PM PST

7:45 PM UK

Comment if you can make it ~Qwerty,Rpf Leader

About  [☧] мax [☧] 

I get frequent bouts of patriotic nostalgia.

11 comments on “Operation Red Dawn: Part 1

  1. I can make it all

  2. Slushy doesn’t belong to CPU, but aiight.

  3. Well done, Q. The Friday one is a bit too early for me, but I can make the Saturday ones.

  4. i can’t make any maybe one saturday event

  5. I think you got the time zones messed up.

    • No sorry i mean PM and AM are messe up.
      Friday Event:

      2:45 AM EST
      1:45 AM CST
      12: 45 AM GMT

      See what i mean?

      No i cant make them

  6. This post needs to be restickied.

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