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To The Soldiers of RPF || Formation Of The RRA

To RPF, old and new. Today, as many of you will be aware – one of the most dreadful events ever to happen within our army occurred. The Leaders of the army, the leaders that we TRUSTED – appointed a former Nacho Leader to become an RPF Leader. They did this without any democratic precedent […]


Treaty of Tuxedo

The Treaty of Tuxedo Article 1: The Server of Tuxedo which is the RPF Capital is currently owned by both UMA and RPF. As part of this new treaty, UMA relinquishes all control of Tuxedo to RPF. RPF now own 100% of Tuxedo. Article 2: The Server of Mittens is currently shared between RPF UMA […]

The First Empire of RPF

Hello Citizens, It is on bad terms that I must speak to you from this website. Unfortunately our old website was deleted through a hacking by some Arabic person of unknown origins.  Nevertheless now we are here, and everything is as it should be. Qwerty has promised to buy us a domain and/or CSS soon, […]

Hello world!

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A new era/Recruiting


Operation Red Dawn: Part 2 – Triumph!

Goodmorning Soilders, you all  should by now know that RPF has agreed to take part in the Alliance, named, PLF (Penguin Liberation Front), we are also in the stage of Operation Red Dawn where we focus on Battles, speaking of battles, yesterday took held the one of the greatest, if not greatest comebacks in RPF […]

Far From Over

Greetings, RPF. I am your 3ic, Worror Dowmat. Today is a likely turning point in the sluggish past year or so the Forces of the Rebel Penguin Federation has faced. I am pleased to announce our success in reasserting that the Federation is no longer in decline after impressive successes today. Firstly, we went online […]


EDIT: The ‘rebellion’ now admitted by Kevin himself to be a Prop for something else, is now over as a result of his surrender to the almight leadership of Cas and Qwerty :P, EVENTS FOR OPERATION RED DAWN ARE STILL ON! I EXPECT ATLEAST 6   Im sure many of you have noticed that as […]

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Cas: Cas is open to talk to ATM, and is available on chat. ATM’s calling BS and needs to talk to Cas. -You know who this is

Honestly *may have bad words*

Dear, RPF      Hello, this is your 3ic, Talex. You may know me, honestly I don’t care. It seems to me there is some “rebellion” going on and it just seems stupid. First of all, some fool named Kevin thought he’d be an awesome rebel by deleting our pages, I believe that is just childish. I […]