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Cheating is not allowed kids!

Hello RPF, Well it’s Kev here. I was notified by one of our soliders that Qwerty was cheating (hacking) Polls. Well, I took action by firing him. We still love him, but he broke the rules. Now Fair elections gonna be held between Worror,Blue, and Caliwar. I’m sorry for the corruption, please be patient. Oh […]


Invasion of what SWAT Calls there server?

Alright RPF, I’m tired of this bullshit with SWAT claiming Tuxedo is there server. Were invading it. This is gay, it should be our server because we have owned it longer then some of there troops have been alive, we will ignore PRA’s invasion on Tuxedo Temporarily. Sunday, June 23 INVASION OF TUXEDO  2:00 PM […]

Defense of Our Sacred Grounds

Declaration Of War People’s Republic Army officially declared war on the Rebel Penguin Federation. We shall advance on their capital with unstoppable force. If we win we will force the RPF to sign the Treaty Of Wind Chill stating that: if we successfully take all of RPF’s servers, Cas is to forcefully step down and we will return […]

Who for leader, the world may never know without your vote!

All I say, vote kids! Remember if you get anyone outside of RPF to vote disqualified!

Results of unscheduled event

Hey RPF! It’s Kevin. We had an unscheduled event that we did pretty good at? Special thanks to those who came (Worky who lead the event to sucsess, Derek,Cali,Worror,Angent, Sheep,Talex,  and last but not least Sidie9 Who has returned to RPF) Here are your results. Good Job RPF! I hope to see these sizes again […]


Events for the weekend Recruiting Session When: Saturday, June 16th. Server: Tundra. Times:  2:00 PM EST.  1:00 PM CST.  12:00 PM MST.  11:00 AM PST.  7:00 PM UK. Tactics Session When: Sunday, June 17th. Server: Alaska. Times:  2:00 PM EST.  1:00 PM CST.  12:00 PM MST.  11:00 AM PST.  7:00 PM UK. ~ ℓσя∂ Kevin, яρƒ […]

Branch to Choose From?

Hello RPF, the time has come. We are the E.R.P.F now, and I feel we need divisions or branches. You have four choices to choose from: Air Force, Army, Marine, or the Navy. Note: Anyone who is a mod or above needs to have a branch. If you don’t have a branch, then get one […]


Hello Rebel Penguin Federartion, It’s Kevin your leader. Okay so… Now that we are doing better as an army, and we have more than 9 people on our ranks, It’s time we clarify this now 😀 . I want every single one of you on these ranks right now, To be on whenever you are on […]

Please stop?

On our chat, I was seeing racial and offending slurs to some people in RPF. I’m not naming anyone. Stop please. In RPF we are considered a family, we are one. If it takes you to stay away from each other, so be it! We are not going to rise with arguing and fighting. I […]

Answer the question.

Hey RPF, It’s Kev your leader. I just need an input on what time zone your in. Just vote, Thank you. ~Kevin, RPF Leader