ColdKilla98 aka Jay

Possibly Revival of Rebel Penguin Federation Television(RPFTV)

Worky Edit: Also, I’d like for us to have at least 3-4 RPFTV posts a week. But if you cant make more, then do it! Good day fellow Rebels, Worky here. Years ago after the end of World War III, nations began to rise thanks to our founder(s), Commando717 and Kyle Cease. A fairly large Peace […]


Im Back

Good day fellow RPF members. Some may remember me, some may not. My name is Worky. I was a soldier from the Golden Age of RPF (World War III/Post-World War III) and I haven’t technically rejoined the RPF. I am RPF’s Advisor of Operations and Governments. My title is AOP-G. If you see me on […]