2012 May

Cheating is not allowed kids!

Hello RPF, Well it’s Kev here. I was notified by one of our soliders that Qwerty was cheating (hacking) Polls. Well, I took action by firing him. We still love him, but he broke the rules. Now Fair elections gonna be held between Worror,Blue, and Caliwar. I’m sorry for the corruption, please be patient. Oh […]


Unscheduled Event

We had another event you people must be shocked. When Cas returns from the underworld he’ll be very pleased! We started out at the town and then we went to the forts and then the plaza and then the ice berg.  So cool we sit on the porches of burning buildings. Comment if you came!


Kevin Edit: I’m going to be away till sunday, I won’t be on till then. Thank you. Short and simple. Let’s get to the point here people. We did well at our unscheduled event. We are doing better and were not the dead army anymore, therefore were going to keep this up. Were more active […]

Unscheduled event

Hey RPF! Well I’m pleased to say we maxed 6. That is a miracle for the Rebel Penguin Federation these days! We did well in our event thanks to the co-operation of John,Worror, Emma, Caliwar and Vampie! Well done RPF, Well Done. Here are our pics!   I hope to see these sizes again! Stay […]

Active Count

Edit: When: Saturday May 19th , 2012 What: Practice Battle Where: Tuxedo Times: EST: 4:00 PM Central: 3:00 PM MTN: 2:00 Noon Pacific: 1:00 AM GMT: 9:00 PM Well. We have not had much site activity lately aside from my wrong doings. So I think we need to know who our real friends and troops […]

We Have Our Orders

It’s not normal. It’s not right. What we’ve been doing for the past couple years, is not good. Club Penguin Warfare was created to have war. Not peace. To fight each other. The main motive was to fight and win. Obviously, Club Penguin Warfare is dying due to the golden age members getting older and leaving […]

Results of the JSC/An Event

ATM Edit: STOP THE STICKING OF EVERY SINGLE POST. This post is obviously worthy of being stickied. But all the other fourteen I had to unsticky today were not. CALM DOWN. Salutations, This post is being written by a bleary eyed Cas, so do forgive the possible ranting and raving. Yesterday, we had our first […]

No title.

Hi RPF. I resumed 2ic today. I just want to make this clear. I have to PC everyone except Vampie to get on chat usually. So I’m enforcing this rule. EVERYTIME YOU ARE ON XAT.COM BE ON OUR CHAT. Please do this for us.  We can succeed but we can’t do this without you? So […]

A loss never forgotten

Hello RPF. It is Kevin here as usual these days. Well I’m un pleased of how we did today against UMA. We maxed 3 and averaged 2. Do to this loss of dignity we will do Promos and Demotions.   Qwerty- I’m very pleased with your loyalty. You came to this event and deserve a […]