Lord’s post

Cheating is not allowed kids!

Hello RPF, Well it’s Kev here. I was notified by one of our soliders that Qwerty was cheating (hacking) Polls. Well, I took action by firing him. We still love him, but he broke the rules. Now Fair elections gonna be held between Worror,Blue, and Caliwar. I’m sorry for the corruption, please be patient. Oh […]


Unscheduled Event

We had another event you people must be shocked. When Cas returns from the underworld he’ll be very pleased! We started out at the town and then we went to the forts and then the plaza and then the ice berg.  So cool we sit on the porches of burning buildings. Comment if you came!

Results of unscheduled event

Hey RPF! It’s Kevin. We had an unscheduled event that we did pretty good at? Special thanks to those who came (Worky who lead the event to sucsess, Derek,Cali,Worror,Angent, Sheep,Talex,  and last but not least Sidie9 Who has returned to RPF) Here are your results. Good Job RPF! I hope to see these sizes again […]