To The Soldiers of RPF || Formation Of The RRA

To RPF, old and new. Today, as many of you will be aware – one of the most dreadful events ever to happen within our army occurred. The Leaders of the army, the leaders that we TRUSTED – appointed a former Nacho Leader to become an RPF Leader. They did this without any democratic precedent […]


Cheating is not allowed kids!

Hello RPF, Well it’s Kev here. I was notified by one of our soliders that Qwerty was cheating (hacking) Polls. Well, I took action by firing him. We still love him, but he broke the rules. Now Fair elections gonna be held between Worror,Blue, and Caliwar. I’m sorry for the corruption, please be patient. Oh […]

Unscheduled Event

We had another event you people must be shocked. When Cas returns from the underworld he’ll be very pleased! We started out at the town and then we went to the forts and then the plaza and then the ice berg.  So cool we sit on the porches of burning buildings. Comment if you came!

Possibly Revival of Rebel Penguin Federation Television(RPFTV)

Worky Edit: Also, I’d like for us to have at least 3-4 RPFTV posts a week. But if you cant make more, then do it! Good day fellow Rebels, Worky here. Years ago after the end of World War III, nations began to rise thanks to our founder(s), Commando717 and Kyle Cease. A fairly large Peace […]

Invasion of what SWAT Calls there server?

Alright RPF, I’m tired of this bullshit with SWAT claiming Tuxedo is there server. Were invading it. This is gay, it should be our server because we have owned it longer then some of there troops have been alive, we will ignore PRA’s invasion on Tuxedo Temporarily. Sunday, June 23 INVASION OF TUXEDO  2:00 PM […]

Another Unscheduled Event

Today we had another event at the same server with most of the same people.  Chat size of 6 pretty decent.  http://i1171.photobucket.com/albums/r552/Caliwars/yhjgj-1.png  Psh we’re so cool we exploded. Comment below if you came to this event! Good job everyone who showed up, I’m not gonna bother listing you know who you are.

PRA Raid

Today we raided the PRA chat and loaded it up with people to mess with PRA Kevin modded everyone and banned all actual PRA troops. Here are some pictures: The Devil Wears PRAda http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlAlSV-twXI

Defense of Our Sacred Grounds

Declaration Of War People’s Republic Army officially declared war on the Rebel Penguin Federation. We shall advance on their capital with unstoppable force. If we win we will force the RPF to sign the Treaty Of Wind Chill stating that: if we successfully take all of RPF’s servers, Cas is to forcefully step down and we will return […]

Who for leader, the world may never know without your vote!

All I say, vote kids! Remember if you get anyone outside of RPF to vote disqualified!

Im Back

Good day fellow RPF members. Some may remember me, some may not. My name is Worky. I was a soldier from the Golden Age of RPF (World War III/Post-World War III) and I haven’t technically rejoined the RPF. I am RPF’s Advisor of Operations and Governments. My title is AOP-G. If you see me on […]