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The RPF chat is http://xat.com/rebelpenguinfederationftw

If you are in the RPF, please ” [FΛЯ.FЯӨM.ӨVΣЯ]  ” in your name!


  • Q) How come I don’t have a cool name like everyone else?
  • A) Most found the cool fonts on a different site.  A very good site for finding cool fonts for your name Messletters.com/en.
  • Q) What are those rectangles in everyones name?
  • A) They were the sign for Commando Corps.  It’s an old symbol, and a long story, but if you want it in your name, just copy and paste this:    ▀▄▀
  • Q) How do I become registered?
  • A) Click on your name.  There is a button that says, “Register…”  Click on it, and follow the directions. An email is required.
  • Q) How come everyone treats me like a n00b on chat?
  • A) There are a few answers, most likely. 1) Don’t speak like a n00b.  I know this sounds stupid, but if you talk with periods and capitals, you’re going to get a little more respect then if you don’t.  For instance, “hey guys when is duh battle idk when it is i need to no i might not make it” compared to “Sup guys, when’s the battle Friday?  I remember we had a really big one on that day, but I forgot the time.  If you could remind me, that would be great.  Thanks”.  Yeah, you can see the difference. 2) Don’t cause fights for no reason.  It doesn’t help anyone.  3) Don’t suck up, or bully for no reason at all.  If you follow those 3 steps, you really shouldn’t be that n00by!

The Grand Rules:


Green indicates a penalty of guesting for the infringement, while dark brown indicates a banning for it to imply the severity of that violation. Moderators will also be membered for breaking their specific rules only by being a member. The amounts of duration and warnings beforehand are stated after each rule.

Universal Rules:

  1. No unnecessary and excessive cussing (yes, even you 15 year old veterans). [One warning, thirty minutes.]
  2. No bribery to gain an unfair advantage over those who earned it rightfully. [Two warnings, thirty minutes.]
  3. No repeated asking for a higher rank, especially if one has no reason to repeatedly demand it. [Two warnings, fifteen minutes.]
  4. Don’t troll for the sake of trolling. [Two warnings, thirty minutes.]
  5. No crudely inappropriate content is to be posted on main chat to any extent or means or to unsuspected recipients in private chat within the whole RPF chat. [No warning, one hour.]
  6. But most importantly, don’t deliberately deliver negativity to any other person in the chat room. In other words, TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU INTEND ON BEING TREATED. You know that in the end, no one deserves hate; it is usually mutually damaging. [One warning, one hour.]
  7. You cannot be opposing the RPF by any militaristic or damaging way; this is obvious. Confirmed enemies are to be guested to block the from seeing what is said on main chat, and then banned right after.
  8. Suspected enemies without reasonable doubt will be unfortunately subject to chat removal, too. [No warning, indefinitely.]

Moderator Rules:

  1. No banning members or moderators unless they break any of the above rules. Chat abuse will drag down our army over time and is never acceptable. [One warning, two hours.]
  2. Do not accept any bribes. Promotions and other benefits are to certainly be earned fairly in RPF. [One warning,  thirty minutes.]


If your banned, don’t worry. You can probably ask to be unbanned if you didn’t deserve it. Please note that all owners of RPF have to swear an oath to uphold RPF‘s success to the best of their ability, among them obeying the rules themselves and penalizing properly for any infringement of them. Just remember to be yourself (in a non-cheesy way) and you’ll do fine.

 Sincerely, The RPF Ownership.

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