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Welcome to RPF’s Official Quotes page!

Here you will find some of the best quotes in RPF’s history. If you see a say, [1] or [2] or something of the sort then it means at the bottom of the page there is a small note about the context of the quote. It can help to decifer the meaning of the quote.

If you feel you have a good quote that could be added to this page, comment it and maybe we’ll put it in!

“Oh, and to Tucker – POOP!” -Commando717, his last words

“In this battle we[RPF] must remember to show strength, show pride, show courage. But we must SHOW NO MERCY!” -Karakoran, at the battle of Thermal. [1]

“IW has come for our blood, but will drown in their own.” -Karakoran, announcing IW’s declaration of war in the RPF/IW wars.

“I have seen RPF show mercy, and in other times utter brutality. I do not understand. Prehaps heros need not justify their actions.” -Karakoran, at the Peace Conference for the RPF/IW wars.

“The struggle for an independent RPF was a journey of blood and brutality. All of it was nessisary.” -Commando717, in a post about the History of RPF.

“The price of independence is not free. Someone’s paid for you and me.” -Karakoran, at the Battle of Parka. [2]

“As you deal with my contemters I shall deal, with grace, to you.” -Karakoran during the Battle of Husky when IW attempted to beat down the weaker ACP force during the IW/RPF wars

“As they’ve died to make men just, let us live to make menfree.” -Mocar, context unknown.

“Let the human, born of women[UMA], crush the serpent[GT] with his heel. Since freedom is marching on.” -Karakoran speaking of UMA’s final annexation of GT

“Death before dishonor!” -Rocket Ems, at the final defense of Tuxedo against Luc’s WW

“When our flag flies over Sub Zero, all will know that the evil of IW’s Empire has been wiped from the face of the Earth.” -Commando717, Invasion of Sub Zero, RPF/IW wars.

“Icey begs for mercy. But I must ask, what mercy was ever shown to us? What mercy was shown when Men and Women died at the hands of IW’s invasions? No mercy for the oppression.” -Karakoran, after the Invasion of Parka

“The rotten cancer of the IW Empire spreads  across CP like a plauge. Their relentless strive into the motherland[RPF] steals the lives on men, women, and children alike. Certainly, these are the darkest days of IW’s Campaigns.” -Karakoran, RPF/IW wars after RPF was beaten in the Two Invasions

“RPF encircles the Snow Forts, the final stronghold of IW. In the surrounding rooms, we choke the life from those who would still dare to defend it. It is an honor and a privilage to play a part in this glorious battle. When our flag flies over the city, our enemy’s defeat and humiliation will be beyond question! Our vengance, will be, complete!” -Karakoran, Final Minutes of the Sub Zero Invasion, RPF/IW Wars.

“Our grip tightens around the Black Heart of IW. The Empire demands all to shed the last drop of blood in its defense. The way it is, if they stand for IW, they die for IW. Server by server, room by room, one rat at a time.” -Karakoran, adressing RPF at a meeting on the invasions of IW, RPF/IW wars.

“Rule by the sword, or die trying.” -Commando717, after several RPF attempted to rebel in 2009.

“The enemies continue to try to destroy the building of Harmony while the RPF continue to defend it with the guns of Justice or we die trying with our fellow soldiers and friends to protect it.” -Chapa23 for with all wars involving armies with bad intentions

“From the ashes of WWIII rose a nation that upheld the ideals of liberty, equality, and unity. For as the wind blows across RPF, from the rolling hills, to the glistening seas – it will have passed, over not, but free men.” -Commando717 in a post on the History of RPF

“Come greet the dawn and stand beside us, we’ll live together or we’ll die alone.” -Commando717 announcing to CP Armies about the siguation with UMA [3]

“And so begins the final drama, in the streets and in the fields. We stand unbowned before their armor, we defy their guns and shields. When we fight, prevoked by their agression, let us be inspired by life and love. For though Icey offers us concessions, change will not come from above!” -Karakoran, in an announcement before the invasion of Sub Zero, RPF/IW wars.

“Our enemies said we could not win. What difference, they asked, could one army make? Every difference, I replied, if that army is RPF.  IW watched their servers fall. RPF expected victory, nothing less would do! Victory came, because RPF willed it. RPF’s will – RPF’s ambition – can set a match to the kindling of the world.” -Karakoran, after the RPF/IW wars

“You Write The Story, Make It A Good One, Change The Game, Make It What You Want, Always, Fight The Good Fight” – Commando717 Final Words Of Leaving Forever Speech

“Our plan to strike at the very heart of CP is now in motion” -Worky, June 14, 2011 On Chat

“Fear us, bitches” -Frere, June 14, 2011 On Chat

“Lol” -Worky, June 14, 2011 On Chat

“Far From Over” – Cewan, The Start Of The New Era

“In the mental battlefield, tactics beats ignorance. Against the Ice Warriors, they use their physical power to defeat their enemies. The RPF will win the IW-RPF War of 2011 because of our high intelligence, which the IW do not hold.” -Worky, January 11, 2011

“You may start at the bottom and quickly make it to the top and then quickly fall” -Elmikey, 2007 RPF

“Without good leadership comes good mistakes” -Elmikey, 2007 RPF

“When the Darkness begins to rise, save your breath it’s FΛЯ.FЯӨM.ӨVΣЯ” – Spade, Responce to Cewan’s FΛЯ.FЯӨM.ӨVΣЯ motto.

“Courage is more exhilarating than fear and in the long run it is easier. We do not have to become heroes over night. Just a step at a time, meeting each thing that comes up, seeing it is not as dreadful as it appeared, discovering we have the strength to stare it down.” -Spade, Innaugral Leadership Speech

“All the other kids with the pumped up kicks, you better run, better run, outrun my gun” -Foster the People,…

“ATM Can i have a Dollar?” -Super Paco24, on a short wage

“Only the Strong will survive this, the weak will be shot down, run over, assasinated, run over again, stabbed, run over once more, and spit on” -Spade, War aggainst TG

RPF – 5 soldiers.
IW – 40 Soldiers.
“Intelligence will always beat ignorance” -Fiasco, 2010 RPF-IW Wars

“Thou Shalt not commit Douchebaggary” -Daisy, A.K.A. Buns, A.K.A. Emalee

“Justice is balance, you guested and banned me, consider us even” -ATM 23 On Why He Guested And Banned RPF Troops At ARC

ATM: “RPF Declares Victory In The PB Vs. GD” — Pungy: “WTF ATM what makes you think you can do that?” — ATM: “You not stopping me does” -ATM and Pungy discussing who won the Practice Battle between RPF and GD

“Things are looking up. Cheers to a new year.” -ATM 23 Late December 31, 2011 Reflecting Back On The Year 2011 And Welcome In 2012

“Sometimes you don’t need another leader, sometimes you need to do it yourself” -ATM 23 explaining to Tal why he doesn’t need a co-leader since he is strong enough to do it on his own.

“Now I’m going to tell you one more time before it gets complicated. This is right.” -ATM 23 on RPF’s Rebellion Trends


“Stay thirsty, my friends!” –ζιεΗεη’s closing for every post (Sometimes changed to “Stay rebellious, my friends!” etc.)

“I don’t always kick arse, but when I do, I prefer doing it in RPF’s name!” –ζιεΗεη’s punchline.

“The statements “O*X=Y, O=Y/X and X=O^3/Y^-3 are unfortunately all false. While “Y=O^3*X” is correct, this type of curve will lead to horrendous error when extrapolating the data.” -ζιεΗεη on his ingenius “xat formula” post for owner and moderator count.

“Friendships are important in such collectives [Club Penguin armies].” –ζιεΗεη on the nature of intra-RPF relations

“I am a man of diplomacy.” –ζιεΗεΗ, stating the whole truth about himself

“I am asking all RPF and ARC members to recognize my ascension to the leadership throne (a little pompous – re-phrase to “chair”).” –ζιεΗεη in a post, carefully controlling his word choice.

“Tell you what, I could make it [happen] (within a day) if I drink a good beer tomorrow.” –ζιεΗεη on creating CP international laws within 24 hours.

“Whatever does not kill you, makes you stronger!” –ζιεΗεη embracing the American spirit.

“Hyväsopu sijaa tekee.” –ζιεΗεη. Finnish for “Harmony creates accomodation.”

[1] This was at the 2nd Battle of Thermal when RPF was forced to go 1v1 against IW. IW was the 2nd largest army in CP, RPF wasn’t on the Top 10. RPF won, amazingly. It is considered one of the greatest victories in RPF history.

[2] This was said specifly to improve relations with the armies that were going to be re-given Parka, as Karakoran intended to make them allies, and later did.

[3] This was during WWIII and it appeared almost sure that unless the Top 3 anti-UMA powers came together against UMA than there would be no way to win. They did, and of course UMA lost the war.


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