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The USRPF Constitution

Created by the Rebel Penguin Federation / United Servers of the Rebel Penguin Federation

Written by Omega39

Revised by President Cassius, on June 24th, 2012

Table of Contents

1. Preamble

2. Statement of Principles

3. Articles [I,II, III, & IV]

4. Political Parties

5. Government system

6. Servers

8. Conclusion

9. Amendments

10. Signatures

1. Preamble

As partisans of the (United Servers of the) Rebel Penguin Federation, we represent as a militaristic and political coalition of well-trained, highly intelligent renegades whose simple task is to wreak havoc behind enemy lines in any way they see fit, through following the code of law and by fighting the good fight, in order to take down tyrannical supremacy-like leaders and armies that threaten the peace, prosperity, and evolution of war and politics in all of Club Penguin.

It is our fundamental right, while obediently following the official Club Penguin RulesSmall Army Law, and Anti Bot Law to fight on Club Penguin for enjoyment or over the beliefs and values that each faction, whether large or small, holds true to their hearts, while excluding religious beliefs, real world international and national politics, and any type of illegal action, characteristic, or notion that violates the laws of their country.

Consequently, we seek to build the game of Club Penguin to be an online game of order where armies, soldiers, and civilians are free to engage in battles, invasions, raids, wars, or any other type of conflict, in addition of  following their own dreams in their own ways, while obediently following all the rules and regulations stated above.

In the following section, we have set forth our basic principles and enumerated various policy stands derived from those principles; it is to the end that we take these stands.

2. Statement of Principles

We, the warriors of the (United Servers of the) Rebel Penguin Federation, challenge the cult of the omnipotent Army and defend the rights of the soldier.

We firmly believe, without a doubt,  that each and every soldier has the right to exercise liberty and the pursuit of happiness in his career, and have the right to fight in whatever manner he chooses, so long as he does not forcibly interfere with the Law that has been established by Club Penguin and the Army community.

Club Penguin Armies and Nations throughout history have regularly operated on the opposite principle, that the Army has the right to dispose of the liberty of individuals and the fruits of their labor.

We, on the contrary, deny the right of any Army to do these things, and hold that where Armies exist, they must not violate the rights of any soldier: namely, (1) the right to bear arms – accordingly we support the prohibition of any type of discrimination whether it be someone’s social status, gender, race, religion, or any other aspect that can harm one’s self; (2) the right to liberty of speech and action — accordingly we oppose all attempts by Armies to abridge the freedom of speech and press; and (3) the right to individuality – accordingly we oppose all Armies interference with one’s individuality, such as his privacy, creativity, and ideals, and support the prohibition of hacking, scamming, doxxing, and botting.

Since Club Penguin Nations, when instituted, must not violate the soldier’s rights, we oppose all interference by the Supremacy in the areas of voluntary and contractual relations among troops. People should not be forced to fight for something for the benefit of others. They should be left free by Army to deal with one another as free men; and the resultant government system, the only one compatible with the protection of individual rights, is the certain degree of a Democratic Republic.

In the following section, we have set forth our government system: The Arbitrary Democracy (a hybrid of a Dictatorship and Democratic Republic), which is divided into four branches: Legislative, Executive, Judicial, and Cosmopolite; it is to the end that we take these stands.

3. Articles [I, II, III, & IV]

Article I: The Legislative Branch

Section I

All legislative powers (the Lords and the elected Representatives) are granted as Congress of the United Servers of the Rebel Penguin Federation. The Senate will consist of the Lords, while the House of Representatives will consist of those elected by the citizens.

Section II

The Senate of the USRPF shall be composed of seven high-ranking RPF officials who will be specifically chosen by the President(s). In addition, the second highest ranking RPF soldier (aka the Vice President), will be the Head of the Senate. If two or more soldiers are equally the second highest RPF soldier, then a poll will be made to determine the Head of the Senate, but the loser automatically gets put in the Senate. The Senate shall never be made up of more than eight senators. The duties of the Senate is to propose bills or constitutional revisions for the benefit of the Military and Nation as a collective.

The House of Representatives shall be composed of seven RPF soldiers, whom will be chosen by the citizens via poll. The top seven results from the poll will be included in the House. The Speaker of the House will be the candidate who receives the most votes. The duties of the Senate is to propose bills or constitutional revisions for the benefit of the Soldier as an individual.

Section III

Congress will be assembled for meetings whenever the President(s), Head of Senate, or Speaker of the House posts a time. Any senator and/or representative has the right to propose a bill or constitution revision. Voting shall be done by comments on posts, while debating can take place on the congress chat. Voting shall last seven days or until all senators and representatives have casted a vote, but any day after the seven-day duration cannot be accepted. If one fails to vote in the seven days, then one will simply not have his vote counted.

The Executive Branch can share secret information only with the Senate, if it is agreed between those that consist of the Executive Branch. If any senator or  fails to keep the information secret until the Executive Branch has given the “go-ahead,” then they can be temporarily suspended from Senate or charged with treason.

Section IV

The President(s) has the right to veto any bill that the Congress passes. The Congress can only overrule the President(s)’s veto if all the senators and representatives are unanimous in doing so. Once the Congress has overruled the president’s veto, or the president hasn’t vetoed at all, then the bill will be an official law. Though the judges can at any time review the bill to make sure it is constitutional, if they are unanimous in saying it is unconstitutional, then the bill shall be reversed.

Section V

In matters of foreign affairs, the President(s) can go ahead with anything (that is found to be constitutional) without Congress’ approval. Congress, however, has two days to get three or more congressmen to ask for a vote to overrule. If over fifty percent of the congressmen vote to overrule after the voting time has passed (five days for overruling matters of foreign affairs) then the decision by the president will be overruled.

Article II: The Executive Branch

Section I

The President(s) of the USRPF and Leader(s) of RPF is the centerpiece of the USRPF government. He has the power to make any decision involving foreign affairs (see Article I Section V), and can also veto bills that congress passes (see Article I Section IV). As leader of RPF, he also has the right to adjust ranks as he pleases but is suggested to consult the Vice President and any Congressmen he pleases before doing so. He also is suggested to appoint leaders for each branch in the army, which will be navy, marines, air force, and military. Elections for the presidency will take place whenever the Citizens wish, depending on how well the President(s) is performing.

Section II

The Vice President(s) is by default the Head of Senate and second highest ranked RPF soldier (see Article I Section II). He has the power to make decisions of foreign affairs as long as the President(s) has approved, and all of his foreign affair decisions can be overruled by congress also (see Article I Section V). He also has the power to edit the ranks of soldiers below him, but he’s seriously advised to consult the President(s), and other congressmen if he wishes. He may also appoint leaders to any of RPF’s four branches. He will automatically fill in if the President(s) announces that he cannot be present on the battlefield or situation room.

Article III: The Judicial Branch

Section I

The Judicial Power of the USRPF will be taken place in RPF Supreme Court Chat. Three  judges will run the Judicial Branch in both important or minor cases or interpretations for any law to ensure it is constitutional.

Section II

The Judicial Branch may extend to ALL cases, in law and equity, stated in this Constitution, and the laws of the USRPF made. The trial of all crimes will be by jury. The jury will be consisted by ANY RPF soldier, and a total of five RPF troops will be recognized as a fair and complete jury. Each judge will trial together in any and every case.

Section III

If a person is found guilty, the Judges are given authority to strip away some or all of his rights that go according to his branch, but only if the jury gives approval.

Article IV: The Cosmopolite Branch

Section I

The Cosmopolite Branch consists of everyone else who is not in the other three branches. They elect Representatives to the House so that they can represent them as individuals in certain aspects of the Military and Nation. They are also paid more attention to than Residents (those who are not in the RPF). They are given the right to criticize the any person who resides in the other three branches without penalty.

Section II

The Citizens are given the right to grant the President(s) supreme authority during a crisis via poll. Once the crisis is done, the Citizens must give back the original powers to the President(s).

Section III

All Citizens are given the rights to freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to peacefully assemble, and the freedom of petition.

4. Political Parties

In the U.S.R.P.F, we will have two main political parties. As we base this constitution on the American model, they will be the Republican and Democrat parties.


The Republican Party are the more Conservative members of RPF, they believe in Tradition and Authority, the Republican party is a strong advocate of expansionism in RPF. Keeping our values is a core principle. Justice should be upheld and the President’s power is necessary.


The Democrat Party are more forward thinking, and will embrace ideas more easily. They believe in free speech being a core principle and the idea of Democracy being very important to R.P.F. The Democrats do not wish to cause wars unless necessary. They believe that the lower ranks must be treated with dignity.

5. Government System

Legislative Branch

This branch is an important one. Its job is to make laws. The Congress is the main body of the Legislative Branch. It consists of the Senate and House of Representatives. Note: If a congressman is in both houses, he/she is only entitled to one vote. However, he/she may choose to remain in “both houses” – for the record.

Chief of Congress –

House of Representatives

Members: TBA


Vice President:


Executive Branch

This branch is also an important one. Its job is to enforce and administer laws. Its main leader is the President.

President of the USRPF –

Vice-President of the USRPF –

Chief of Staff –

Secretary of State –

Secretary of Defense –

Attorney General –

Secretary of Homeland Security –

Judicial Branch

Chief Justice:

Prosecutors – May Vary

Jury – Must Vary

6. Servers

Below are the servers of the USRPF:

District OneTuxedo – District One Capital[RPF, PRA, and UMA]
Parka – Large Base
Frostbite – Small Base
Sparkle – Small Base

District Two

Ice Berg – District Two Capital
Ice Land – Small Base
CPPS.pro – Scout Outpost (Preparations to set up Large Base being made)

 7. Conclusion

In conclusion, we represent as a militaristic and political coalition of well-trained, highly intelligent renegades whose simple task is to wreak havoc behind enemy lines in any way they see fit, through following the code of law and by fighting the good fight, in order to take down tyrannical supremacy-like leaders and armies that threaten the peace, prosperity, and evolution of war and politics in all of Club Penguin.

This Constitution defines the government system that the (United Servers of the) Rebel Penguin Federation uses and shadows the following goals: To maintain a perfect unified nation, to insure domestic tranquility, to provide for the common defense, to promote the general welfare of our citizens, and to secure our blessings of liberty within our nation borders; it is to the end that we take make these stands.

If any part of this Constitution is broken by one, he or she will be subject to treason, and will be tried by Judges and a full jury. This is a zero tolerance policy that will be enforced.

May this Constitution lead and maintain the (US)RPF to its Golden Age. This constitution proves that we, the Rebel Penguin Federation / United Servers of the Rebel Penguin Federation, was, is, and will Fight The Good Fight.

8. Amendments

Below are the changes to the Articles of the Constitution. Once here, they automatically cancel out the original text and replaces it. For an Amendment to be initiated, two-thirds of Congress and two-thirds of Citizens must agree for a change within this Constitution.

Amendment I

USRPF Congress will make no law abusing any RPF right to freedom of speech, press, assembly, and petition.

Amendment II

No person shall be held to answer for an infamous crime, unless on a presentment or of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger, nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy.

Amendment III

All RPF troops have the right to vote in any situation whatsoever and cannot be denied by the USRPF government due to the RPF troop’s character or rank.

Amendment IV

The President may revise the Constitution at any time – unless the entire Congress or the Supreme Court disagrees. If the Leader feels he should deserve more power, he may consult the V.P, and together their actions cannot be rejected by ANYONE.

Amendment V

Never shall the Founders of the Federation, namely Commando717 and Kyle Cease, have the right to overrule a decision by the active Government, as the two founders are, in context of their own statement, “retired” – the exact contrary of “active” or “in action.”

9. Signatures

The approval of all the Lords are required in order to pass this Constitution:

x_____ ℓσя∂ Cassius, Supreme Commander

x_____ ℓσя∂ Kevin, Supreme Commander

x_____ ℓσя∂

x_____ ℓσя∂

x_____ ℓσя∂

x_____ ℓσя∂

x_____ ℓσя∂

x_____ ℓσя∂

x_____ ℓσя∂

All leaders who are sworn into office are required to sign this Constitution, and vow to follow it.


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