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Hello, Parent of [Insert Child’s Name Here]! I’m sure you’re wondering what the RPF is, what we do, and how we do it? Right? You are? Oh, you’re not? Well, then you probably don’t want to read this stuff, but if you are, then you should keep reading to learn about what your boy/girl/sentient houseplant is doing in his/her/its free time!


“Dear RPF, thank you for not discriminating against our son, Woody.”

Club Penguin Armies have been around since 2005. Essentially a Club Penguin Army engages regularly with other armies for massive, strategically planned snowball fights, usually over “land,” (that is, one of the many servers on Club Penguin).


You know, land! Like this, only covered in a layer of ice/snow… and digital. 

RPF is a Club Penguin “army.” The initials RPF stand for Rebel Penguin Federation. While we’re not rebelling against a whole lot anymore, our foundation (May 7th, 2007) was to counter the animosity and oppressive behavior from the higher-ups in the Club Penguin army, UMA (Underground Mafias Army).

RPF is a great way to branch out and connect with other like-minded individuals across the world. We all gather on the safe and easy to use RPF Chat (That’s me!) and talk about future plans for the RPF, battle strategies for the RPF, and whatever else we happen to find entertaining.

Which, strangely enough, usually means waffles. 

Now, if you’ve been reading around the site, you’ve probably noticed a few words and attitudes that other armies (like the ACP, the Army of Club Penguin)  would consider “negative,” or, “insensitive.” The RPF has its foundation in the preservation of the freedom of speech and right to personal opinion of its members, and to completely censor their ideas would be criminal. We cannot control everything our members say, everybody is different and has a unique opinion to voice; however, we will try our hardest to make sure nobody feels uncomfortable around the language used by our members.

The worst part about censorship is -redacted-

So your child/houseplant will have a great time snowball fighting for the Black and Red! Between the new friends and the fun, funny articles on our site, what’s not to love?


Nothing hits the spot better after a long hard day atwork than a tall, refreshing glas


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