Possibly Revival of Rebel Penguin Federation Television(RPFTV)

Worky Edit: Also, I’d like for us to have at least 3-4 RPFTV posts a week. But if you cant make more, then do it!

Good day fellow Rebels, Worky here.

Years ago after the end of World War III, nations began to rise thanks to our founder(s), Commando717 and Kyle Cease. A fairly large Peace Era occurred, known as Post-World War III. After the era ended, of course wars sparked because of invasions of boundaries. Now as you can tell, Club Penguin nation borders have been manipulated ever since, with the creation of many other armies and invasions of their servers and expansion or decreased server territory.

Now you’re probably wanting me to get to the point, right? Well okay. During and after the Post World War III Era, propaganda rose greatly. Especially, between the RPF and the ACP. Its an unwritten piece of history, as we “veterans” of the RPF like to call it, The Cold War of Club Penguin. We would bash eachother, with the power of our official News Media(before CPAC was invented). We called it, RPFTV.

Now, RPFTV was eventually cancelled after we settled down with the ACP and eventually became allies with them. Now I’m not trying to bring back the Cold War, of course it may help with numbers. What I’m trying to say is, we should revive RPFTV and post our own news. We can make jokes by creating memes to bash our enemies, or joke around with our leaders and soldiers. Anything to keep our community up and running. Now I’m not codoning going in and bashing our allies or neutrals as an act of aggression, but if you’re going to make a joke, make sure its with the right people. Some armies can’t take a joke.

Though, I don’t plan on putting all of the authors/editors in control of RPFTV, but before you create a post make a draft of it and let us go over it before it screws us over. It’s not that were censoring you, but we(well, I) know these armies well. Also, Kevin or whoever knows some of these newer or up and coming armies and they may very well be offended over something as silly as saying they’re smaller than a baby fly.

You see what I’m saying is, no army isn’t fully clean of noobs. There may be some in the higher ranks you never know. Thats why I’m afraid but also happy to wanting to revive RPFTV. Comment on what you think. Do you love it? Do you hate it?… Why?



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2 comments on “Possibly Revival of Rebel Penguin Federation Television(RPFTV)

  1. Sounds sexy, do it.

  2. Oh em gee I call first post

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