To The Soldiers of RPF || Formation Of The RRA


To RPF, old and new.

Today, as many of you will be aware – one of the most dreadful events ever to happen within our army occurred. The Leaders of the army, the leaders that we TRUSTED – appointed a former Nacho Leader to become an RPF Leader. They did this without any democratic precedent or vote. Taking no input from the elected representatives of the army. I was shocked and dismayed. Initially I decided I would do nothing, and just leave RPF and let events take their course. But I couldn’t do that. I’m an RPF 07 veteran. I owe this army more than can ever be imagined. I wasn’t alone either. Soon after making my opinions clear I was joined by many other shocked people. I did not resign officially. I am still the Prime Minister of the USRPF no matter what lies they will say.

I do hereby issue an ultimatum to the current Leaders of the RPF

They have until Monday 14th April to answer it.

Ultimatum To The Rebel Commanders of RPF

1. Danny must immediately be removed as a Rebel Commander of the RPF.

2. An immediate congressional vote must be held on whether he shall be appointed Leader or not.

3. An investigation led by the Chief Justice will explore the unconstitutional behaviour that took place over this appointment and will take all appropriate action deemed necessary.


Once I thought that this RPF was the future. I thought that once Elmikey had been removed for all the corrupt practices that took place under his premiership, the new leaders would never repeat these actions.

It seems I was wrong.

They are JUST as bad. Sir Pj and Lilstar have lied and deluded the RPF into thinking that they are any better than Elmikey. They are NOT. This is not the RPF I fought for. This is not the RPF that our veterans fought for. Silverburg is by far the most honest and most genuine that RPF currently has and I salute him for it. Ultipenguin has also proven himself to be worthy.

In addition to this, certain legends like Vo Yo, Hefman and Tompenguin who led RPF due to not being happy with the way things have been going in the army – were stipped of their legend status illegally and unconstitutionally.

We are prepared to be reasonable. But if our demands are not met – then we shall have no option but to institute an armed insurgency.

As of this moment, I declare the existence of the Rebel Republican Army (The Real RPF). This organisation is a paramilitary organisation created in order to carry out the will of the Congress and People of the USRPF.

If the legitimate demands of the people are accepted, we will immediately disband and re-integrate into RPF. HOWEVER IF OUR DEMANDS ARE NOT MET, I WILL GIVE THE ORDER TO BEGIN ARMED OPERATIONS.

I do not undertake this task lightly, and you may ask yourselves – what is my legitimacy for doing so? You would be correct in asking, and unlike the current Leaders – I do things according to the law:

Government Leadership Act (Order 112) FOUND HERE

This act ensures that the Government of the Rebel Penguin Federation has the power to take complete control over the Rebel Penguin Federation, acting in the interests of the Rebel Penguin Federation only, including power over current leaders, as listed athttp://rpfrulers.wordpress.com/ranks in the event of the Government declaring enacting Order 112. The Government of the Rebel Penguin Federation, as according to the United Servers of the Rebel Penguin Federation page,  found athttp://rpfrulers.wordpress.com/rpf-nation/ , can declare this Act, called Order 112, during times of internal problems, including but not limited to, the current leader/ one of the current leaders being a traitor, Removing someone unfairly, lying to get someone removed from the Rebel Penguin Federation or doing something that is not for the good of the Rebel Penguin Federation, with or without support. When Order 112 is enacted, the government will automatically take control of all powers normally given to the leader/leaders. During this time, the power of the current leader/leaders shall be restricted so they cannot interfere, including repealing Order 112 or firing the Prime Minister, as mentioned on the United Servers of the Rebel Penguin Federation page, found at http://rpfrulers.wordpress.com/rpf-nation/ . When Order 112 in enacted, the current Prime Minister will take absolute command.

Information will come from this website directly about the RRA. Please bear with us. The site is an old RPF site, and will need some updating.



IRA2 (1)


Prime Minister of the USRPF and Commander of the Rebel Republican Army



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3 comments on “To The Soldiers of RPF || Formation Of The RRA

  1. […] Just recently, the Rebel Penguin Federation hired a former Nacho leader, Danny, to lead the army. As we all should know, the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Nachos have a long, drawn out history with each other. Going against their Government, the Rebel Penguin Federation held no election/vote on this matter. Many Rebel Penguin Federation troops were angry about this decision, including one of the 2nd in Commands [Max]. Max’s full post may be found here. […]

  2. I am making an offical site for RPF senators.

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